About us

Bernadett ‘be’ loves to scuba dive and has a fine repertoire of “Dad jokes” at her disposal. She has a background in performance production and loves to explore the intersection of performance and design can create meaningful impactful experiences that inspire wonder and well-being in people’s lives. Be graduated from UNSW Art & Design with a Masters in design in 2015. With over 15 years experience designing for major brands she possesses an extensive portfolio ranging from experiential marketing campaigns, corporate events, shopping centre activations and major public events. ‘be’ is known for her warm manner, quirky sense of humour and absolute dedication to providing premium quality work.  Bernadett also Lectures in design at UNSW Art & Design and the Design Centre Enmore.  Her academic profile can be found here Bernadett Butson

Loske Is mad about photography and scrabble. She joined the be-design team in 2012. Graduating from the College of Fine Arts (University of NSW) in 2005, Loske brings further expertise in spatial and graphic design, having provided creative services for a wide range of events.


Our Process



We strongly believe that the best design solutions are gained through close collaboration. Our clients are an integral part of the creative process from day one!



All successful design relies on a strong concept. We pride ourselves in creating innovative concepts, tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.



Drawing from a vast pool of creative skills and experience, the creative work at BE-Design is multidisciplinary and flexible to best meet the needs of the project. From simple sketches to photo-realistic 3D visualisation, BE-design can cover all of your creative needs.


The goods

Whether you are in need of design for a commercial pitch, large scale outdoor event, or anything in between, BE-design will provide you with exceptional design solutions.

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