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South African Tourism campaign launch, Auckland

In September 2011 Bernadett Butson from BE-design had the pleasure of joining the South African Tourism Team in New Zealand for an event to celebrate the opening ceremony to the Rugby World Cup.

The event was hosted in a funky warehouse venue in the heart of Auckland. The design of the event was styled to coordinate with the cool urban finishes of the venue.

BE-design teamed up with event management company Eventsmart on this project. The plan was to style the venue with numerous zones that captured the authentic “experience and feel” of South Africa and highlight some of its many attributes to visitors.

This was a day event so particular attention to detail was required for the overall finishes. There were four separate areas of South Africa showcased in this event, taking the attendees on a journey through the country. These included the “Savannah” region, a modern urban “Jazz club”, a “Boma” (a large open fire/ barbecue) and a “vineyard”.

The atmosphere created was colourful and vibrant. Each space had its own way for visitors to interact and “feel” what it would be like to visit South Africa.

The event was extremely well received and deemed a success. It engendered an overwhelming desire to “leave ordinary behind” and visit South Africa, which was the goal of the event.

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