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Relationships with theatre and design thinking

For the past 20 years since graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts in production design I have been working on a slow hunch around the relationships of Theatre design and the evolution of Experiential design. It seems I am not alone in this and others are looking into this relationship with renewed enthusiasm. Attached is a great article published by IDEO.

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The Fundamental Elements of Design

The Fundamental Elements of Design.

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Verner Panton

For the next few weeks we are going to take a retrospective journey through some of our favourite designers. We will begin by discussing extraordinary Danish designer Verner Panton (13 February 1926 – 5 September 1998). Perhaps best known for his single formed plastic cantilever chair, the "S- chair". Verner Panton also contributed significantly to spatial design with his experiments with colour and psychedelic interiors.  Panton's  experimented with new concepts of communal living with such designs as "the living wall", "living room honeycomb" "Living Tower" and the "seating cave" .  These works capture an enormous sense of movement,  and exploration that is characterised by the late sixties with the undulating curves and bold use of colour.  Panton's work is synonymous with the exotic colour palette and fluid futuristic geometric forms of the Pop Art movement.  New interest and vitality is being breathed into Panton's work with the current interior trends of mid-century and psychedelic design revival.  

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Sprite beach showers

Clever brand experience by Sprite.

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Ralph Lauren 3D projection mapping

Taking over the facade of the women's flagship store in New York City, 3D projection mapping creates a captivating branding experience.

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Projection art

Perfume 3rd Tour JPN. The future of projection art.

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Recycled bottle art

We love finding work that is both beautiful and utilises repurposed elements.  Artist Garth Britzman has created a stunningly beautiful canopy out of recycled PET bottles filled with coloured water.  The effect is beautiful as light transfers through the bottles giving the effect of hundreds of coloured leaves or flowers.

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Unlock the 007 in you. You have 70 seconds!

Brilliant coke experiential marketing campaign! Love it!

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Nature by numbers- the Fibonacci sequence at work

Feeling spirally...  The Fibonacci sequence is one of the coolest things in design composition.  When you start looking around the world you will discover it everywhere in things we naturaly find beautiful.

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Photoshop by Adobe´


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